Yoga opleiding Frankrijk

2.5 Year Yoga Teacher Training - France 

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2.5 Year Yoga Teacher Training - France

Location: Haute Savoie, France (near Geneva)
Language: English (translation into French possible)

This programme is for anyone:

• Looking for a world class certified yoga teacher training
• Looking to increase their understanding of yoga as taught by the ancient Himalayan lineage
• Looking to deepen their personal practice of yoga (meditation, philosophy and asanas)

This 2.5 year programme is a transformational journey within yourself. This programme is a process which translates yoga philosophy into your everyday life.
Throughout this guided process you will:
• Gain knowledge about our various dimensions: physical, emotional, mental, intellectual and spiritual as passed on from the yoga tradition of Brahmrishi Viswatma Bawraji
• Gain a better understanding about life and how to live as a good human being in society
• Become closer to your true self, understand what you want and clarify your life goals
• Gain tools and skills that will help you keep growing and improving yourself for the long term
• Develop more enthusiasm for life
• Gain more peace of mind
• Develop self-trust and intuition
• Expand your comfort zone


The training is divided up into 5 modules. This are the likely modules which will be taught (subject to change):

1) Introduction to a Holistic Yoga Vision of Life – Foundation of Yoga
The first module will focus on the foundations of both practice and theory of yoga
• Your bodies abilities will get screened and personal needs for an optimal practice will be identified
• Practice: asanas, pranayama and meditation; practice with all chakras
• Basic pranayama exercises
• Meditation and its goal and purpose; benefits of meditation
• Theory: introduction to yoga philosophy and karmic philosophy in real life 
• The three yogic paths: Jnana, Bhakti and Karma Yoga
• Goals and benefits of asanas
• 5 layers of consciousness

2) Introduction to a Holistic Yoga Vision of Life - Yoga Philosophy in Everyday Life
This module will give an increased focus on techniques in the postures and interconnectedness of yamas and niyamas in the asana practice
• Practice: asanas, pranayama and meditation
• Psychology of the chakras (energetics) 
• The method of Kriya Yoga
• Yogic guidelines of ethical living with oneself as well as in society (Yamas and Niyamas) 
• Yoga postures (Asanas) and breathing exercises; expansion and/or control of breath (Pranayama)
• Nutrition and its effects on both body and mind

3) Understanding and Applying Practical and Theoretical Material
A shift between consumption and production happens in this phase and you will also be asked to give a presentation to the group
• The creation of a tailor-made practice programme & how it addresses your personal areas of growth; mastering the techniques behind the physical postures
• Practice: asanas, pranayama and meditation; being able to draw the positions; techniques and logic behind the behaviour; preparing a class
• Personal daily practice 
• Theory: understanding yoga therapy knowledge; Prānas (5 winds); Doshas (3 fundamental bio elements); Samskâras (impact of impressions); power dynamics of the 5 instruments of the soul

4) Understanding and Applying Practical and Theoretical Material
This module is about understanding and putting into practice everything you’ve learned so far
• Deciphering your own life puzzle
• The influence of daily life on the yoga mat – how does it all come together within a person; understanding body language
• Practice: asanas, pranayama and meditation including your own personal daily practice
• Deepening meditation practice through one-pointed focus in meditation (Dharana), prolonged focus (Dhyana) and absorption in our true self (Samadhi – goal of meditation);

5) Moving from Consumption to Production (Practical and Philosophical)
The last module is dedicated to the reproduction of the acquired knowledge - teaching
• Practice: asanas, pranayama and meditation including your own personal daily practice
• You will be asked to write and present a thesis and teach a 1 hour asana class with feedback from the group

You will be required to acquire and use the following books:
The Sutras of Patanjali by I.K Taimni and The Bhagavadgita by S. Radhakrishnan 

Personal involvement and homework:
In addition to attending the above-mentioned modules (see dates below), you are also asked to:
Attend weekly asana classes (with Sadhana or another dynamic form of yoga if you live far away);
Attend a monthly philosophy group discussion and write a personal summary
Do your daily personal practice
Write the final thesis and presentation along with an asana class for the exam

Upon successful completion of the programme, you will receive a certificate from the Yoga School Ron van der Post recognised by the Chandigarh International Brahmrishi Mission Yoga Training College.

June: 22-27
August: 27-29 – to be confirmed
November: 7-11

February: 1-3
June: 26-30
August: 26-28
November: 6-10

February: 7-9
June 25-30 or July 1-5 – to be confirmed
August: 21-23
November: 5-8

Early bird (sign up and 500 EUR deposit paid by 20th of March 2018): 2,900 EUR.
Full price (sign up and 500 EUR deposit paid by April 15th 2018): 3,300 EUR

Pricing is for 2.5 years training delivered by Ron van der Post and Irene van der Post-Nutter and is exclusive of books, food and accommodation.
We ask that 1/3 of training price to be paid before the 15th of June 2018.

To register, please email Dit e-mailadres wordt beveiligd tegen spambots. JavaScript dient ingeschakeld te zijn om het te bekijken. and state Yoga Teacher Training in the title. 
For more information and questions, please contact:

Caroline: + 33 602 71 59 24
Lukas: +33 788 48 82 15


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