Online meditatiecursus (Engels) - mei 2021

Meditation course 2021
Mediation has never been needed as much as now so join our in depth comprehensive and practical meditation course which will be facilitated in May 2021!
You are welcome to join in person at Surya International Yoga Study Centre or via Zoom.
Topics during the course that will be covered are:
  1. What is the goal in Yoga
  2. Silence
  3. Causes of disturbance
  4. 9 distractions
  5. The impact of Yoga on our society
  6. Practising Yoga with awarness
  7. Yama’s en Niyamas
What’s meditation and why should we do meditation at all?
Many times people are asking me what’s the use of it? Just sitting still land doing nothing?
But still they are complaining about the rat-race of life and the stress in their body. What’s the use of life anyhow?
People are wondering around looking for answers, peace and calmness in their life and mind.
Meditation is a technique through which you can bring back the peace inside of you. It gives you a more calm state of mind.
All kind of stress related imbalance will fade away. Your emotions won’t dominate you anymore, you won't have to stay a slave of your habits and emotions.
You can make the world more peaceful by reducing your desires towards the world outside and by becoming less dependent on the world outside.
You will see that happiness and contentment can easily be found inside of you.
To start with meditation means that you are taking control over you own life again. That you will become more the person you want to be.
During the course we will talk about the real goal of meditation according the yoga philosophy. We will discuss the distractions in the world and inside of ourselves. We will try to be aware about what is the power of inner silence, what’s the inner awareness.
What are the yamas and niyamas in our daily life and in relation with meditation. Why we are here on earth anyway?
We will walk through the 10 steps of meditation.
3 Sunday mornings from 08.00 – 11.00
May 2 / 9 / 16
€ 110,=
HRK 400,=
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